Weekend away

This weekend I left the city with few other stitching mad ladies from my stitching club. We went to a cabin in Húsafell where we had a lot of fun, ate good food, laughed a lot and did a lot of stitching.

I had already started Romeo and Juliet by HAED and this is where I was at the beginning of the weekend.

And this is where I was at the end of the weekend.

I also did some stitching on The Needlwork Shop by CCN. Here you can see me working on it.


6 comments so far

  1. Linda litlaskvis on

    Takk fyrir frábæra helgi mín kæra!

  2. Monica on

    Your stitching weekend sounds great!
    You made also a great progress on your wonderful HAED project!
    I have noticed your floorstand frame holder, it seems very helpful! I would like to purchase one like that! I have found something similar here: http://www.sewandso.co.uk/ran1170-0.html. Is it like yours? Do you get on well with it? Is it a handy object?…
    Thanks in advance if you would like to reply… and thanks for sharing!
    Monica 🙂

  3. deibpia on

    Takk fyrir helgina, Erla mín!

  4. Hafrún Ásta on

    hljómar vel.

  5. Virpi on

    I’m curious to know which floor stand do you have? I have the Posilock and it doesn’t work with q-snaps which I love…

  6. Erla Björk on

    I bought a floor stand on a stitching show in London. You can purchase it from this site:
    It´a bit pricy but well worth it. I really love working with it.

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