Stitching during my holidays

I´ve been on holidays for the past 3 weeks and I will return to work later this week. I have been very active at the gym but not so at stitching.  But here are some updates.

I promised my daughter to finsih the O´Holy Night Calendar from Dimension before next Christmas. I have been working hard but all the stars are making me crazy. Now there are only 12 left! Can´t wait to have them all done!

Last weekend I had the urge to start something new and take a short break from the calendar. My choice was between Petal Fairy, Bliss Fairy or Topaz Fairy, all by Mirabilia. I finally decided on Topaz Fairy. It uses a lot of Kreinik which I don´t really like stitching with but the effect is so stunning. Here is what I´ve finished so far. It´s not  much since the Kreinik slows me down a little.

Stitched on 32 ct opalescent Lugana – Pink Shimmer from Silkweaver


3 comments so far

  1. deibpia on

    The Christmas calendar is so close to finish. It looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing it finished.
    And you’ve made a great start on Topaz fairy.

  2. Hafrún Ásta on

    Love it love it love it … Topaz fairy is so beautiful… The calendar will be finished before you know it. And the gym you are really doing great there.

  3. Dena Lenham on

    Yeah, sometimes you do have to slow down with metallic threads, but the effects are so pretty, so multi-dimensional. That Topaz fairy will be STUNNING!
    Love seeing your projects. Share them and your blog address on the Kreinik Facebook site if you can – you will inspire many stitchers!

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