December stitching

I have been very busy stitching in December.  First of all I was determined to finish all the little ornaments to hang on the O´holy night calendar. My daughter really kept me going and there was no mercy there. I´m happy to say I finished the last one on the 19th. Did I do a happy dance? Yes I did!!!

While I was stitching the little ornaments my fingers were itching for Red Poppy and I couldn´t get her out of my head. So of course she is what I´m working on right now. She´s got both her eyes now and I was up until 4 am just to finish her second eye. There was just no way of going to bed until I had finished it.

And I have a new start. I haven´t done very much but this is a Lizzie Kate desing so it will be a fun and quick one. It´s called Be Golly Be Jolly and I have started on the reindeer.


4 comments so far

  1. Hafrún Ásta on

    Alltaf svo dugleg. Þetta er allt geggjað flott hjá þér.

  2. Carol on

    What a beautiful calendar, Erla! It is a true family heirloom which you will love displaying each December. Congratulations! (And Happy New Year!)

  3. deibpia on

    Ertu alveg hætt að blogga kona?

  4. deibpia on

    ..og já, ég sé að ég var aldrei búin að kommenta við þetta.
    Ég trúi ekki að þú hafir náð að klára dagatalið. Til hamingju, það er æðislegt! 😀 og Red Poppy er auðvitað geðveikt flott, ertu búin að gera eitthvað meira í henni?

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