Ruwani´s RR and a new RR start for me

I admit I´ve been a lazy blogger lately but I have been stitching a lot though.  Mostly I have been working on Round Robins and  I finished Ruwani´s RR in the end of January. Her theme is Cute Christmas and this is what I stitched for her.

Country Companions from The World of Cross Stitching

And here is how her RR looked before I posted it to Cindy.

I decided to take part in another Round Robin with 3 other ladies I met on Facebook and I´m really excited about this one. They are Jessica and Tami from USA and Ruwani from Australia. I had no idea what to pick for my theme but after going through all my patterns and magazines I decided on Friends.

I prepeared my fabric in January and I´m using white 28ct Jobelan.

This is the pattern I chose.  I just thought it would be perfect for my theme.

Precious Moments – In it together

I will be posting it to Jessica tomorrow.

I´ve been working a little on Be Jolly Be Golly by Lizzie Kate. I haven´t done a lot but this is how it looks today.

This weekend I have been working on HAED Red Poppy. I haven´t worked on it for a long time and I really missed it. I´m not ready to post a picture yet but I will be soon. Just need to finish about a 1000 stitches 🙂


6 comments so far

  1. deibpia on

    Vei! Takk fyrir að blogga Erla mín 😀
    Þú ert aldeilis búin að vera dugleg.
    Mér finnast allir þessir RR æði. Þú velur svo flottar myndir og saumaskapurinn auðvitað fullkominn eins og alltaf 😉
    L*K myndin lýtur vel út og ég hlakka til að sjá þegar hún er búin. …og bíð mjöööög spennt eftir WIP af Red Poppy 🙂

  2. Sveina on

    Æðislegar allar sem ein…
    Ru´s RR er flottur..allt sitthvor serían komin á hann…spurning hvernig restin verður..:)

  3. Mamma on

    Hæ hæ. Vá ekkert smá flott hjá þér Erla mín.
    Kv mamma

  4. Hafrún Ásta on

    GEggjað flott as always … finnst friendship svo geggjuð…

  5. Sigrún Heiða on

    er hægt að panta hjá þér kort?
    kv Sigrun

  6. Karri on

    Erla, I am interested in the stitched squares on the fabric. For instance the Precious Moments you have 4 squares on your fabric. Can you tell me why you do that? I love your work


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