Princess is Born – 3 pages done

First of all I would like to say welcome to all my new followers. I´m so honored that you are showing interest in my blog and my stitching! New people are welcome to sign up and receive email every time I post 🙂

Well now back to some stitching update. I finally finished page 3 of A Princess is Born. This one page took me 2 whole months to finish, can you believe it!!! I thought it was never ending and the confetti was hell. But still I loved every stitch and the details looks amazing! Just see for yourselves!

Princess is Born by Hannah Lynn
A Princess is Born by Hannah Lynn- charted by HAED

I´m slowly reaching my goal for the year 2012. Faces of Faery 88 is done, 2 pages of A Princess is Born is now done as well. Only thing left is to finish 2 pages of Romeo and Juliet. Then maybe a new start, who knows! 🙂


3 comments so far

  1. sharine on

    Very pretty:)

  2. Linda Sjöberg on

    This is the only Hannah Lynn I like and you are stitching it up beautifuly!

  3. Juel on

    Your progress on this is awesome and I know what you mean about the confetti 😉 But I am happy to hear that you enjoy the outcome so much!
    I am very confident that you will be able to meat your goals for this year =)

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