Lot of updates :)

It´s been a while since my last blog although I have been busy stitching 🙂

First of all let me tell you that I came in third place at HAED Bulletin Board 2012 goals challenge, YAY! so I got to choose 1 large and 2 small charts.  These are the ones I chose: Summer Lullaby by Jennifer Nilsson, Mini Hammock White Tiger by Kayomi Harai and QS Alexandra by Hannah Lynn.

a405e86141b3b1a9c1c756538e5b4c42.image.315x400  ba68786ebb87bfe352252be1b8eefcfc.image.400x291  3734aee30fbdbc0f2ea035e9d569ef15.image.400x287

So what have I been up to since my last blog! I took a little break from HAED projects. Instead I pulled out an old WIP I last worked on in 2007, the Snowman Tree. I added 3 more snowmen….

Snowman Tree 6 out of 10

…..and then 2 more 🙂

Snowman Tree - 8 out of 10
Only 2 more to go to finish this one 🙂

I started a new Soda Pattern piece, You over Flower. It displays a boy and a girl and I finished the boy´s face.

You over Flower by Soda PatternsYou over flower by Soda Pattern

And finally I can share with you the Round Robin pieces I stitched for Tami and Jessica as they have both been sent home 🙂

This one was for Tami and finished in August 2011. Her theme was Angels.

Grace by Just Nan
Grace by Just Nan

And this is the piece I stitched for Jessica. Her theme was snowmen.

Snowman - Stoney Creek
Snowman stitched from Stoney Creek booklet

I am back to stitching HAED Mini Myra and I do have an update but I will share in another post 🙂


5 comments so far

  1. Jennifer on

    Love the projects you have been working on. I have a thing for Snowmen. 😀


  2. Lain on

    Wow this is a nice update 🙂 Just love your work and can’t wait to see process on your HAED.

  3. Alicia -thecraftyprincess on

    Congrats on winning 3rd place in the HAED comp. Love the new charts, I’m also starting Mini Hammock Tiger later in the year. Love love love the snowmen and the Soda pop progress. So gorgeous!

  4. Claire on

    Love your blog, you have some stunning stitching.x

  5. Isabella Morais on

    I am trying to understand your stitching process..I see hanging threads on your work…how do you start? ytou stitch with all the colors at the same time?

    I’m curious!


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