QS Rosita

I decided to keep going with QS Rosita and expected it to go really fast since I´m doing tent stitch and I also wanted to try out parking. At some point I got really frustrated and the stitches didn´t  look good to me.  I really like my stitches to look neat and pretty and with all the confetti it looked kind of messy.  So I started over, doing full crosses this time. I´m so much happier with her now. I´m going to work her like I did with Mini Myra and do all the outlines first and then color her in. Here is how she looks right now.

QS Rosita
QS Rosita by Hannah Lynn


4 comments so far

  1. Lonneke on

    I also tried out tent stitch, a few times even, but I don’t like the way it looks as well.
    Great start on Rosita!

  2. Amanda on

    Good start with all the black, when I tryed to stitch all the outline I got bored so now go page by page. I’m with you I like full cross stitch.

    • Erla Björk on

      All the blacks gets kind of boring. But I love when it all done and I can start coloring her in 🙂

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