Goodies of HAEDCon 2017

Ok, this will be a photo heavy post 🙂 I want to show you all the goodies that I got at HAEDCon. Some were gifts, some I won in drawings and some I bought… well I bought a lot 😀

First is the HAEDCon goodie bag presenting Hannah Lynn´s design.

 Goodie bag

We also got the Hannah Lynn´s HAEDCon pattern. The pattern with the fox is from Aimee Stewart´s goodie bag 🙂


We also got Jeff Haynie´s pattern along with threads and fabric.

 Jeff Haynie pattern

I bought two thread packs on HAED´s website and picked them up at HAEDCon. It´s for QS April Fairy and Hidden Harbour. They look so pretty 🙂

 Thread packs

I bought Hannah Lynn´s goodie bag and it is so super cute. It´s a wooden box that looks like a book.

Hannah Lynn Goodie bag

Inside were some pretty amazing items. A coloring book, 2 bookmarks and 4 needle minders.

 Hannah Lynn goodie bag

Here is a close up of the needle minders.

 Hannah Lynn needle minders

I also bought Aimee Stewart´s goodie bag. It included the Fox pattern I showed you above. And it also included the items below. So pretty 🙂

 Aimee Stewart goodie bag

I bought a lot of pretty things at HAEDCon. I bought a lot of needle minders.

 Needle minders

I bought the Unicorn threader and the other threaders I got with my thread packs along with the wooden needle case.


I bought some of Hannah Lynn´s prints. They are so pretty.

 Hannah Lynn pictures

I also bought 2 wooden blocks and magnets. The HAEDCon needle minder came with the HAEDCon goodie bag.

 Hanna Lynn blocks and magnets

I bought a poster from Aimee Stewart. Doesn´t it look pretty 🙂

 Aimee Stewart poster

I bought a print from Rob Carlos. Wish I could stitch like this! LOL

 Rob Carlos poster

I also won two prices.

Aimee Stewart had a drawing and I won this super amazing bookmark.

Aimee Stewart bookmark

And I won a whole chart park in HAEDCon drawing. It´s Storykeep Avalon by Nadia Tate. I was so happy. She has been on my wish list for a long time.


Inside the box were threads, fabric and pattern.

 Avalon material pack

I showed Hannah Lynn my finished Mini Myra. She totally loved it. She even signed it for me.

 Signed Mini Myra

After HAEDCon I went to Joanns and Michaels in Portland to stash up on DMC theads. I kitted up about 7 new HAED projects. Can´t wait to start them all 😀
This is at Michaels.

 DMC threads at Michaels

Bags from Joanns and Michaels full of beautiful threads.

Joann and Michaels shopping bags

So pretty 😀

DMC Threads

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  1. Margrét on

    Æðislegt ferð og fullt af nýjum verkefnum. 😃
    Flottir allir neadle minders- arnir. 😃👍
    Þetta veitir mér innblàstur á að fara að sauma.
    Tek upp nálina í kvöld🤓.

  2. Sveina on

    Herregud hvað þetta er mikil fegurð! 😍

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