Updates and HAEDCon 2018

This will just be a quick post. First of all I want to let you know I started an Instagram account just for my cross stitch. I post updates of my progresses and finishes much more frequently. My account name is Icestitcher. You are more than welcome to follow me 🙂

HAEDCon 2018 is next weekend…and I´m going YAY!!! My friend Sveina will be joining me this time and we are so excited. Our plane leaves tomorrow. We have a direct flight to Portland OR and we will stay there over night. On Thursday we´ll wake up very early and drive to Seaside OR where HAEDCon will be held. I will post photos and videos on my Instagram account and use the hashtag haedcon2018.

So let´s show some progress pictures. I have been stitching a lot lately. Faces of Faery is almost done. I wanted to finish her before HAEDCon but I´m not gonna make it. So maybe I´ll just finish her at the con instead 🙂

Faces of Faery 14
Faces of Faery 14
20100/22500 stitches done

Faces of Faery 14
17800/22500 stitches done


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