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Lot of updates :)

It´s been a while since my last blog although I have been busy stitching 🙂

First of all let me tell you that I came in third place at HAED Bulletin Board 2012 goals challenge, YAY! so I got to choose 1 large and 2 small charts.  These are the ones I chose: Summer Lullaby by Jennifer Nilsson, Mini Hammock White Tiger by Kayomi Harai and QS Alexandra by Hannah Lynn.

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So what have I been up to since my last blog! I took a little break from HAED projects. Instead I pulled out an old WIP I last worked on in 2007, the Snowman Tree. I added 3 more snowmen….

Snowman Tree 6 out of 10

…..and then 2 more 🙂

Snowman Tree - 8 out of 10
Only 2 more to go to finish this one 🙂

I started a new Soda Pattern piece, You over Flower. It displays a boy and a girl and I finished the boy´s face.

You over Flower by Soda PatternsYou over flower by Soda Pattern

And finally I can share with you the Round Robin pieces I stitched for Tami and Jessica as they have both been sent home 🙂

This one was for Tami and finished in August 2011. Her theme was Angels.

Grace by Just Nan
Grace by Just Nan

And this is the piece I stitched for Jessica. Her theme was snowmen.

Snowman - Stoney Creek
Snowman stitched from Stoney Creek booklet

I am back to stitching HAED Mini Myra and I do have an update but I will share in another post 🙂