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Summer stitching

Finally I´m able to blog again. My laptop crashed again but has now been fixed. I have been busy stitching though and here is an update of some of the things I finished this summer.

In middle of August I took my family on a little vacation. We stayed in a summer house in Húsafell for a week. We had the best time. We did some sight seeing, relaxed in the hot tub and we tried to take a walk but were too busy picking blueberries on the way so we didn´t get very far 🙂 LOL

I managed to get a lot of stitching done over there. First of all I finished By Golly Be Jolly. As you can see I changed the words into Icelandic.

By Golly - Be Jolly
By Golly Be Jolly by Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 32 ct linen with DMC

I also started something new. Don´t bug me when I´m stitching! This is a kit I bought in Florida in summer 2008 and have been meaning to stitch it ever since. I finally dit it and the plan is to finish it as a pinkeep and hang it on my stitching lamp. I translated the words into Icelandic just to make sure my kids understand them!

Don´t bug me when I´m stitching
Don´t bug me when I´m stitching by the Sweetheart Tree

Two of my coworkers had their babies this summer. Sara got a girl and Eva got a boy. Of course I had to stitch them both a baby card.


And now for some ATC´s. I´m totally hooked on them.

July Theme 1 - Pay it foward
July ATC – Pay it foward sent to Line in Abu Dhabi
We all had to stitch the same design

August birthday ATC
August Birthday ATC stitched for Angie Monroe in USA

Bumble bee and a new HAED start

I just can´t put my needle down these days and so I have another finish.  It´s the Bumble bee in the Garden Party series from CCN which I actually started in April.  I wanted to do something that I could finish soon and so I decided it was time to finish this one.

Bumble bee ‘Garden Party Series’ by Country Cottage Needleworks
Stitched with Cresent Colours on 32 ct Linen Flax

Now I have finished 3 out of 4 and I have only the Butterfly left. I think I will start it soon but it might take a while to finish it.

I have a new HAED start! I´m taking part in July-Dec Freebie SAL on HAED Bulletin board. It started July 1st and we had 5 pieces to choose from. I chose SK Sunny just because I love all the vibrant colours in her. Here is how she will look like when she´s finished.

And her is my start after 2 hours of stitching. I better keep on going!

Stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct white linen

Finally here is a July birthday ATC I stitched for Line who lives in Abu Dhabi. I hope she will like it 🙂

More of Round Robins and ATC´s

Ru´s Round Robin took a month to get here from Australia and we were getting a bit worried it had gotten lost when it finally showed up. Her theme is Precious Moments girls as she wants it to go into her daughters room when finished. I choose to stitch her Some day my prince will come and I think it came out really well.

And here is Ru´s Round Robin before I sent it to Jessica.

I took part  in June´s exchange on the ATC group on Facebook and decided to do both themes this time.

Theme 1 was Letter N which I sent to Laura Borst in Scotland.

Theme 2 was Fifa which I sent to Christopher Colin in Australia.

More of Red Poppy and ATC

I´ve been working really really hard on my Red Poppy and just finished page 5 which was her arm and wing. Doesn´t she look gorgeous!

Now I need to take a little break from her to work on a Round Robin but will pick her right back up when I´m done.

I joined a new group on Facebook called Cross stitch ATC.  ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards and measures only 2,5×3,5 inches. We sign up every month for an exchange of 1 or 2 themes. Since this was my first time I decided to do only 1 theme. This month of May Theme 1 was Letter C.  This was so much fun and I think I´m totally hooked from now on. This is such a quick stitch but so pretty and enjoyable. Here is my Letter C which I sent to Kerrie in UK.