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My Round Robin has returned home

I totally forgot to post pictures of my own Round Robin which returned home in late June. It only has 4 parts stitched out of 6 but 2 of my friends have asked me if they can finish it for me. So Yay!

My Round Robin
My almost finished Round Robin – Theme is Cute Christmas
The one in upper right corner was stitched by me and finished in October 2009

Teddy-bear made by Cindy
This cute teddy-bear with all the snowmen around him was
stitched for me by Cindy in UK and finished in November 2009.

Somebunny made by Sveina
This amazingly cute and cuddly Somebunny to Love was
stitched for me by Sveina in Iceland and finished in March 2010 

Forever Friends made by Ruwani
These super cute Forever Friends were stitched 
for me by Ruwani in Australia and finished in April 2011

I am so really happy with my Round Robin and I think it looks amazing. Thank you so much girls for all your hard work!

This and that

Like usual I have been stitching like crazy 😀 Sorry for the lack of blogging though!

Like I told you in my last blog entry I went to a cabin in the country side with my 2 best friends for a weekend of stitching. I love those weekends and of course we had the best time together. I worked on the 2 pieces below but didn´t finish them until now. Both pieces are also a part of my Crazy January Challenge so now I have 4 out of 15 finished.

Making Friends by Just Nan
Making Friends by Just Nan
Stitched on 32 ct Linen

FaLaLa Ornament by LHN
FaLaLa – Ornament by Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 32 ct Linen

Last night I finished this baby card for a friend of mine.

Baby Card
Stitched on 14 ct Aida
Card from Craftcreations 

I have been working on Cindy´s RR and got her permission to do 2 parts instead of 1 and therefore complete her RR. I have already finished one  part and will start the other one next week. Of course everything has to remain secret until the RR is back in the hands of it´s owner so no pictures just yet!
I also started 2 new HAED projects! Yeah I know I´m crazy! LOL! I´m not ready to post a picture just yet, I want to finish a little more before I do.

Crazy January Challenge 2011- Day 1

First of all let me wish you all a Happy New Year 2011.

I know I must be mad but I decided to sign up for the Crazy January Challenge 2011 organized by Minna on her blog.

The rules are simple:

1. Start stitching a new design every day, from January 1st to January 15th. So by January 15th you have 15 new WIPs to stitch!

2. Finish everything you started stitching during the year 2011.

3. Show photos in your blog if you have one, in January and during the whole year while you stitch.

4. Have fun stitching!

I spent the very first day of the new year browsing through my stash to find the 15 projects I want to start the next 15 days.  I can´t really promise I will be able to finish everything by the end of the year but I will sure try my best.

Here is my list but not necessarily in the right order. I´ll just decide each day what to start working on next.

1. All dolled up by Little House Needlework
2. Curly Q Eve by Little House Needlework
3. Firefly Fairies by Lavender & Lace
4. Making friends by Just Nan
5. Winter Fobs Needle roll by Heart in Hand
6. Rose Mosaic Needle roll by M Designs
7. The Village in Fairy Tale by Soda Pattern
8. Giggles in the Snow – Girl by Mirabilia
9. Giggles in the Snow – Boy by Mirabilia
10. Love one another by Ladybug Lane
11. Butterfly (Last one in the Garden Serie) by Country Cottage Needleworks
12. Joyful Summer by Country Cottage Needleworks
13. Chocolate Shoppe by Little House Needleworks
14. Le temps des cerises by Tralala Collection
15. Jour de cueillette by Tralala Collection

I have already made my first start. It´s not much since most of the day was spent browsing but here goes.

All dolled up by LHN
All dolled up by Little House Needleworks
stitched on 32 ct linen from my stash

There will be a new start tomorrow and of course another photo!

I made a little scissor fob as an extra x-mas gift for my mum. I also added tiny red scissors to go with it and it looked just perfect together.

Scissor fob - front
Petit Chat by Tralala Designs – Freebie found here
stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct with DMC 115

Scissor fob - back
The backside – I added a heart button from my stash

Moon of your own and LHN ornament

I finished Moon of your own last week and here is finally a picture of her. She was an absolute joy to stitch and I can´t stop admiring her.

Moon of your own
Moon of your own stitched on 32 ct linen

I have another finish to show you. It´s an ornament by Little House Needleworks. It´s still missing a red cardinal button which I have to get later and then put together as a little pillow.

Winter Sheep by LHN
Winter Sheep by Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 36ct Linen Dirty with DMC threads

Summer stitching

Finally I´m able to blog again. My laptop crashed again but has now been fixed. I have been busy stitching though and here is an update of some of the things I finished this summer.

In middle of August I took my family on a little vacation. We stayed in a summer house in Húsafell for a week. We had the best time. We did some sight seeing, relaxed in the hot tub and we tried to take a walk but were too busy picking blueberries on the way so we didn´t get very far 🙂 LOL

I managed to get a lot of stitching done over there. First of all I finished By Golly Be Jolly. As you can see I changed the words into Icelandic.

By Golly - Be Jolly
By Golly Be Jolly by Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 32 ct linen with DMC

I also started something new. Don´t bug me when I´m stitching! This is a kit I bought in Florida in summer 2008 and have been meaning to stitch it ever since. I finally dit it and the plan is to finish it as a pinkeep and hang it on my stitching lamp. I translated the words into Icelandic just to make sure my kids understand them!

Don´t bug me when I´m stitching
Don´t bug me when I´m stitching by the Sweetheart Tree

Two of my coworkers had their babies this summer. Sara got a girl and Eva got a boy. Of course I had to stitch them both a baby card.


And now for some ATC´s. I´m totally hooked on them.

July Theme 1 - Pay it foward
July ATC – Pay it foward sent to Line in Abu Dhabi
We all had to stitch the same design

August birthday ATC
August Birthday ATC stitched for Angie Monroe in USA

Ruwani´s RR and a new RR start for me

I admit I´ve been a lazy blogger lately but I have been stitching a lot though.  Mostly I have been working on Round Robins and  I finished Ruwani´s RR in the end of January. Her theme is Cute Christmas and this is what I stitched for her.

Country Companions from The World of Cross Stitching

And here is how her RR looked before I posted it to Cindy.

I decided to take part in another Round Robin with 3 other ladies I met on Facebook and I´m really excited about this one. They are Jessica and Tami from USA and Ruwani from Australia. I had no idea what to pick for my theme but after going through all my patterns and magazines I decided on Friends.

I prepeared my fabric in January and I´m using white 28ct Jobelan.

This is the pattern I chose.  I just thought it would be perfect for my theme.

Precious Moments – In it together

I will be posting it to Jessica tomorrow.

I´ve been working a little on Be Jolly Be Golly by Lizzie Kate. I haven´t done a lot but this is how it looks today.

This weekend I have been working on HAED Red Poppy. I haven´t worked on it for a long time and I really missed it. I´m not ready to post a picture yet but I will be soon. Just need to finish about a 1000 stitches 🙂

December stitching

I have been very busy stitching in December.  First of all I was determined to finish all the little ornaments to hang on the O´holy night calendar. My daughter really kept me going and there was no mercy there. I´m happy to say I finished the last one on the 19th. Did I do a happy dance? Yes I did!!!

While I was stitching the little ornaments my fingers were itching for Red Poppy and I couldn´t get her out of my head. So of course she is what I´m working on right now. She´s got both her eyes now and I was up until 4 am just to finish her second eye. There was just no way of going to bed until I had finished it.

And I have a new start. I haven´t done very much but this is a Lizzie Kate desing so it will be a fun and quick one. It´s called Be Golly Be Jolly and I have started on the reindeer.

O´holy night calendar finished

I have been away the last 2 weekends with some friends from my stitching club. Last weekend I was in a summer cabin in Flúðir with Lára, Sveina, Hafrún, Guðbjörg and Ásta and this weekend I was in a summer cabin in Húsafell with Linda, Rósa, Guðbjörg, Aiste and her little daughter Amelía. Thanks girls, I had a great time with all of you!

My main project both weekends was the O´holy night calendar by Dimension which took more time than I thought it would. I wanted the words to be in Icelandic so I translated O´holy night into Helg eru jól and charted it last Thursday night and stitched it Friday night as soon as we arrived at the cabin. And now it´s finally finished. Yay, I´m so happy!

O´holy night by Dimension
Stitched on 14 ct aida

The rest of the weekend was spent stitching the little ornaments to hang on it. I had already finished 2 of them and now I have finish 5 more. I hope I´ll be able to finish all of them before December 1st.

Ornaments stitched on plastic canvas

My first Round Robin

I joined a group on Facebook called World Wide Round Robin and decided to do my first one. We are 6 in my group and will each stitch a picture on each others RR. We are 2 from Iceland, me and Sveina who is in my Icelandic stitching group Allt í kross, Kathryn and Cindy are from UK, June is from Scotland and Ruwani is from Australia. So my RR will travel half way around the world.
The first picture is stitched by it´s owner and here is a picture of mine. My theme is Cute Christmas.

Country Companions pattern from WOCS
stithed on 32 ct Belfast Linen Vintage blue

And here is a picture of my fabric. I stitched my picture on the top middle square. When it will return home to me every square will be stitched by these wonderful ladies. Can´t wait to see it finished.


Stitching during my holidays

I´ve been on holidays for the past 3 weeks and I will return to work later this week. I have been very active at the gym but not so at stitching.  But here are some updates.

I promised my daughter to finsih the O´Holy Night Calendar from Dimension before next Christmas. I have been working hard but all the stars are making me crazy. Now there are only 12 left! Can´t wait to have them all done!

Last weekend I had the urge to start something new and take a short break from the calendar. My choice was between Petal Fairy, Bliss Fairy or Topaz Fairy, all by Mirabilia. I finally decided on Topaz Fairy. It uses a lot of Kreinik which I don´t really like stitching with but the effect is so stunning. Here is what I´ve finished so far. It´s not  much since the Kreinik slows me down a little.

Stitched on 32 ct opalescent Lugana – Pink Shimmer from Silkweaver

Snow Fence

I wanted to stitch something that wouldn´t take too much time. I browsed through my stash and finally decided on Snow Fence by Raise the Roof Design. It took me several evenings to complete but here it is without buttons.

Stitched on 32 ct Ice Blue Belfast Linen
with Weeks Dye Work

Completed with buttons from Just anotther button company

Late last night I managed to finish 4th in the Lizzie Kate series 12 Blessings of Christmas – friend. The word is in Icelandic.

Snowman Trio – Chilly

Ég komst loksins aftur í saumagírinn um jólin og kláraði síðasta snjókarlinn af 3 í Snowman Trio. Það er hann Chilly og hann er eiginlega mitt uppáhald.

I finally managed to finish the 3rd snowman Chilly in the Snowman Trio. He is kind of my favorite and that´s why I saved him for last.

Hér er svo mynd af þeim öllum saman. Ég er búin að setja allar tölur á þá og á bara eftir að ganga endanlega frá þeim.  Ég stefni á að drífa í því strax eftir áramót. Mig hlakkar mikið til að sjá þá alveg tilbúna.

Here they are all 3 of them all buttoned up and looking so cute. So who´s your favorite?

O´holy night update

Ætla bara að skella hér inn mynd af stöðunni af O´holy night. Ég er ekki búin að vera neitt sérstaklega dugleg en þetta mjakast hægt og rólega. Verður pottþétt tilbúið fyrir næstu jól.

I just wanted to show you my progress of O´holy night. I haven´t been stitching a lot lately but this will definatelly be ready for next Christmas.

O´holy night dagatal

Ég er búin að sitja marga tíma undanfarið við þetta dagatal. Ég var að vonast til að klára það fyrir 1.des en eins og tíminn virðist fljúga áfram þá er það orðið nokkuð vonlaust. Ég var að klára alla krossana og á nú eftir allan afturstinginn og borðann utan um myndina. Og svo auðvitað allar litlu myndirnar sem á að hengja á það. En ég get gert þær jafn óðum í desember. En hér er mynd.

I´ve been working very hard on this Christmas calendar. I was hoping to finish this before December 1st but I´m kind of runnig out of time. I now got all the backstitching left and the border plus all the little pieces to hang on it. Well we´ll see.

Ég læt fylgja með eina mynd af Tuma og Karmen þar sem þau eru að kúra saman.

Karmen litla hvolpastelpa

Í gær bættist í fjölskylduna lítil hvolpastelpa sem er fædd 28. ágúst. Hún er búin að fá nafnið Karmen.

Hún er ofsalega sæt og dugleg lítil stelpa. Það er mikill leikur í henni og hún og Tumi eru voðalega hrifin hvort af öðru.

Hér er Karmen að kúra hjá stóra bróður

Aðeins að kíkja hvað sé í gangi

Tumi að hvíla sig

Ég er ekki búin að vera að sauma mikið undanfarið. Maggi lenti inn á spítala með streptókokkasýkingu í hné sem getur verið lífshættuleg. Hann lá inni í rúma viku og fær núna heimahjúkrun. Hann þarf að fá lyf 4 sinnum á sólarhring og má ekki stíga í fótinn fyrr en fyrsta lagi 10. nóv. Hann fer um allt á hækjum en leiðist að hanga heima endalaust. Ég bauð honum að lána honum eitthvað að sauma og skil ekkert í af hverju hann þáði það ekki.

Ég byrjaði á dagatali frá Dimension O´Holy Night. Það gengur frekar hægt og það er frekar ólíklegt að ég nái að klára fyrir jól. En hér er mynd af því sem komið er.