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Updates and HAEDCon 2018

This will just be a quick post. First of all I want to let you know I started an Instagram account just for my cross stitch. I post updates of my progresses and finishes much more frequently. My account name is Icestitcher. You are more than welcome to follow me 🙂

HAEDCon 2018 is next weekend…and I´m going YAY!!! My friend Sveina will be joining me this time and we are so excited. Our plane leaves tomorrow. We have a direct flight to Portland OR and we will stay there over night. On Thursday we´ll wake up very early and drive to Seaside OR where HAEDCon will be held. I will post photos and videos on my Instagram account and use the hashtag haedcon2018.

So let´s show some progress pictures. I have been stitching a lot lately. Faces of Faery is almost done. I wanted to finish her before HAEDCon but I´m not gonna make it. So maybe I´ll just finish her at the con instead 🙂

Faces of Faery 14
Faces of Faery 14
20100/22500 stitches done

Faces of Faery 14
17800/22500 stitches done


FOF 14 – face completed

She looks so pretty now! 🙂

 Faces of Faery 14, face completed
Faces of Faery 14
15000 stitches done

Faces of Faery 14, nose
14700 stitches done

 Faces of Faery 14, both eyes
13300 stitches done

Faces of Faery 14, one eye
12400 stitches done

Romeo and Juliet FINISHED!

Romeo and Juliet is finally finished! I´m so happy 😀
This is my first HAED start and my fourth finish.

Romeo and Juliet finishedRomeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
78750 stitches done – finished

And here is a close up of their beautiful faces :

Romeo an dJuliet upclose

QS Lilac new start

I started QS Lilac in early November. I´m trying out tent stitch… again! I really want to get the the hang of it and see if I can stitch a little faster so I can finish my +100 charts! LOL! I thing it looks good so far.

QS Lilac by CCK
QS Lilac by Ching-Chou Kuik
Stitched 2 over 1 tent stitch on 28 ct

Now off to finish Romeo and Juliet. Only about 6500 stitches left.

My stitching at HAEDCon 2017

I just want to show you my progress on Faces of Faery 14 which I was stitching at HAEDCon 2017.

I managed to finish her forehead 🙂

 Faces of Faery 14
Faces of Faery 14
10600 stitches done

I have stitched a little more and now she has eyebrows. Can´t wait to stitch her beautiful blue eyes 🙂

 Faces of Faery 14
Faces of Faery 14
11500 stitches done

Romeo and Juliet – the last WIP

This is the last WIP photo I will share of Romeo and Juliet. Next time it will be finished 🙂
One tiny stitch has already reached the last row. Less than 10000 stitches left 🙂

 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
69300 stitches done

QS Rosita

I decided to keep going with QS Rosita and expected it to go really fast since I´m doing tent stitch and I also wanted to try out parking. At some point I got really frustrated and the stitches didn´t  look good to me.  I really like my stitches to look neat and pretty and with all the confetti it looked kind of messy.  So I started over, doing full crosses this time. I´m so much happier with her now. I´m going to work her like I did with Mini Myra and do all the outlines first and then color her in. Here is how she looks right now.

QS Rosita
QS Rosita by Hannah Lynn

R & J

I have been working on Romeo and Juliet but I´m getting a little bored. So I´m going to take a little break from it and work on something else for a few days.
Here is an update 🙂

 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
63200 stitches done

Romeo and Juliet and new starts

So hello there 🙂 I hope you haven´t forgotten about me.

I finally finished those 2 pages of Romeo and Juliet, I was working on the last time I posted. Now I have only 2 whole pages and 2 partial pages left.

 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
57400 stitches done

I have 2 new HAED starts which I wanna show you. I decided to try out tent stitching (half cross stitch) and see if I´ll manage to complete my HAED projects faster. And I have to admit it is a lot faster. I´m still not sure if I like the look of the stitches but I want to finish those two and see how they look completed.

Here is the one I started in May.

 Early Visit
Early Visit by Rachael Tallamy
4200 stitches done

And here is the one I started in April.

 QS Rosita
QS Rosita by Hannah Lynn
300 stitches done

In May, I went to Minneapolis MN, with my daughter. She was participating in a dance competition and did extremely well. Of course I went to both JoAnn and Michaels, and bought DMC threads for 4 new HAED´s 🙂 Below is a picture of my purchase… well… a part of it 🙂


And I totally forgot to tell you I will be attending HAEDCon 2017 in Seaside, OR in October. I´m so excited to meet all the other HAED´s addicts 🙂

Romeo and Juliet

After being neglected for 4 whole years I picked it back up. I´m really enjoying stitching this one after such a long time. And this time I won´t put it down until it´s finished.

Romeo and Juliet HAEDS
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
50200 stitches done

December 31

As this is the last day of the year I wanted to share updates of my progresses.

I started a stitch-a-long with my friend Sveina. We both fell in love with Hannah Lynn´s Punch of color girl 12. Here is how far I´ve got. I was really aiming to finished her eye but unfortunately I didn´t make it 😦 However her eyelashes are there 🙂

Punch of color girls 12
Punch of color girls 12 by Hannah Lynn
Stitched on 32 ct Jobelan

Here is my status of QS Meet Dragonfly. She is really confetti heavy so it will take me forever to finish that page.

QS Meet Dragonfly
QS Meet Dragonfly by Ching-Chou Kuik
4700 stitches done

I want to show your a threader I bought from the HAED website. I absolutely love it!


I also want to show you my jar of ort´s from 2016. I only started collecting my ort´s in May after we moved into our new house. Pretty good collection though for only 8 months 🙂

Orts 2016
At last I want to wish everyone a happy new year 2017 🙂 Thank you all for visiting my blog and your comments. They mean a lot to me.
I will be having another giveaway in January so be sure to check in again 🙂

New start – QS Meet Dragonfly

I have a new start. It´s QS Meet Dragonfly by Ching-Chou Kuik. It is really confetti heavy and I love it  🙂 She´s a real joy to stitch.

QS Meet Dragonfly
QS Meet Dragonfly by Ching-Chou Kuik
Stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct Jobelan
3000 stitches done

I have decided to give away some of my stash. So occasionally I will post Give away on my blog. It will be original patterns which I have already stitched and don´t need anymore or patterns/kits I know I won´t stitch and I´d rather give them a new home.

My first Give away will be tomorrow so be sure to check in again 🙂

Most of hair done

I finished most of her hair this weekend. I think she is turning out so nicely.

Faces of Faery 14 by Jasmine Becket-Griffith
8100 Stitches done

I´m a little torn whether to keep going with her and start her face or rotate to something else for a while.

FOF 14 -one side done

I finished one side of her hair last night. I think it looks so pretty.  Now I will do the other side. Have to admit though I´m a little bored of all the browns. Can´t wait to do her face 😀

Faces of Faery 14
Faces of Faery 14 by Jasmine Becket-Griffith
5500 stitches done

FOF 14

I got a little bit more done 🙂 I feel like her hair looks a bit dark compare to the artwork but we´ll see how it will turn out.

Faces of faery 14