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My stitching at HAEDCon 2017

I just want to show you my progress on Faces of Faery 14 which I was stitching at HAEDCon 2017.

I managed to finish her forehead 🙂

 Faces of Faery 14
Faces of Faery 14
10600 stitches done

I have stitched a little more and now she has eyebrows. Can´t wait to stitch her beautiful blue eyes 🙂

 Faces of Faery 14
Faces of Faery 14
11500 stitches done

Goodies of HAEDCon 2017

Ok, this will be a photo heavy post 🙂 I want to show you all the goodies that I got at HAEDCon. Some were gifts, some I won in drawings and some I bought… well I bought a lot 😀

First is the HAEDCon goodie bag presenting Hannah Lynn´s design.

 Goodie bag

We also got the Hannah Lynn´s HAEDCon pattern. The pattern with the fox is from Aimee Stewart´s goodie bag 🙂


We also got Jeff Haynie´s pattern along with threads and fabric.

 Jeff Haynie pattern

I bought two thread packs on HAED´s website and picked them up at HAEDCon. It´s for QS April Fairy and Hidden Harbour. They look so pretty 🙂

 Thread packs

I bought Hannah Lynn´s goodie bag and it is so super cute. It´s a wooden box that looks like a book.

Hannah Lynn Goodie bag

Inside were some pretty amazing items. A coloring book, 2 bookmarks and 4 needle minders.

 Hannah Lynn goodie bag

Here is a close up of the needle minders.

 Hannah Lynn needle minders

I also bought Aimee Stewart´s goodie bag. It included the Fox pattern I showed you above. And it also included the items below. So pretty 🙂

 Aimee Stewart goodie bag

I bought a lot of pretty things at HAEDCon. I bought a lot of needle minders.

 Needle minders

I bought the Unicorn threader and the other threaders I got with my thread packs along with the wooden needle case.


I bought some of Hannah Lynn´s prints. They are so pretty.

 Hannah Lynn pictures

I also bought 2 wooden blocks and magnets. The HAEDCon needle minder came with the HAEDCon goodie bag.

 Hanna Lynn blocks and magnets

I bought a poster from Aimee Stewart. Doesn´t it look pretty 🙂

 Aimee Stewart poster

I bought a print from Rob Carlos. Wish I could stitch like this! LOL

 Rob Carlos poster

I also won two prices.

Aimee Stewart had a drawing and I won this super amazing bookmark.

Aimee Stewart bookmark

And I won a whole chart park in HAEDCon drawing. It´s Storykeep Avalon by Nadia Tate. I was so happy. She has been on my wish list for a long time.


Inside the box were threads, fabric and pattern.

 Avalon material pack

I showed Hannah Lynn my finished Mini Myra. She totally loved it. She even signed it for me.

 Signed Mini Myra

After HAEDCon I went to Joanns and Michaels in Portland to stash up on DMC theads. I kitted up about 7 new HAED projects. Can´t wait to start them all 😀
This is at Michaels.

 DMC threads at Michaels

Bags from Joanns and Michaels full of beautiful threads.

Joann and Michaels shopping bags

So pretty 😀

DMC Threads

HAEDCon 2017

Last weekend was HAEDcon 2017 and I was so lucky to be able to go 🙂 It was so amazing!!! HAEDCon was held in Seaside OR, which is a cozy little town by the ocean.

I had a direct 8 hour flight from KEF airport to Portland OR airport. I started my journey by having a cocktail at the airport 🙂

 Kef airport cocktail

I landed in Portland around 6 pm local time. The drive to Seaside takes 2 hours. I didn´t want to drive to Seaside in the dark so I stayed in Portland for the night and drove to Seaside early in the morning.

I was in Seaside around 11 am. HAEDCon didn´t start until 1 pm so I decided to walk around. The weather was amazing and the sun was shining.

 Seaside OR

Seaside view

At 1 pm it was time to attend HAEDCon 2017. The convention center was very close to my hotel so it was just a short walk away.

 HAEDCon 2017

I got to meet my favorite artist Hannah Lynn.

 Hannah Lynn and me

And Aimee Stewart.

Aimee Stewart and me

And here are all of the artist. From left to right Jena DellaGrottaglia, Aimee Stewart, Hannah Lynn, Jeff Haynie, Rob Carlos and his wife Jean.

 Artists at HAEDCon 2017

HAEDCon was all about stitching, getting to know each other, chatting, admiring each others projects, giveaways… It was just amazing!

HAEDCon 2017

I met couple more HAEDCon attendees at the airport on my way back home 🙂
Here are Kathy, me, Andrea and Debbie.

 At Portland airport

I bought a lot of beauties at HAEDCon and I will show you in my next blog post.