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QS Red Poppy – Finished

I went to a summer cabin in Úthlíð this weekend with my 2 friends Hafrún and Sveina. My main goal for the weekend was to finish QS Red Poppy. Before the clock hit 3 on Saturday afternoon I did my happy-dance! She looks just gorgeous and I really loved working on her!

QS Red Poppy - Finished
QS Red Poppy by Ching-Chou Kuik
Stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct with DMC
Total of 44.100 stitches

My weekend was very productive. I had another finish and the first one for Crazy January Challenge 2011. I left out the text that´s supposed to be under the house while I decide whether to stitch the English version or translate it to Icelandic.

Sweet House - Village in Fairytale
Sweet House – Village in Fairy Tale by Soda pattern
Stitched on 32ct

HAED stitching

I have been stitching HAED since I last posted. Red Poppy suddenly needed all my attention and I really love how she´s turning out. Not so long now until I´ll finish her.

QS Red Poppy Dec 1st, 2010

December 1st I decided to work on SK Sunny since I have to post another picture of her on HAED bulletin board before the end of the month. The flower took forever and I´m so happy to have finally finish it! Now I just need to finish her hat and then I can start working on her face.

SK Sunny Dec 19th, 2010

More of Red Poppy and ATC

I´ve been working really really hard on my Red Poppy and just finished page 5 which was her arm and wing. Doesn´t she look gorgeous!

Now I need to take a little break from her to work on a Round Robin but will pick her right back up when I´m done.

I joined a new group on Facebook called Cross stitch ATC.  ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards and measures only 2,5×3,5 inches. We sign up every month for an exchange of 1 or 2 themes. Since this was my first time I decided to do only 1 theme. This month of May Theme 1 was Letter C.  This was so much fun and I think I´m totally hooked from now on. This is such a quick stitch but so pretty and enjoyable. Here is my Letter C which I sent to Kerrie in UK.

Red Poppy – 4 pages done

I went away this weekend with 3 other stitching friends to a summer cabin in Húsafell. All we did the whole weekend was stitching, eating good food and relax in the hot tub. It was such a great weekend!

I managed to finish the 4th page of Red Poppy. She is looking more and more pretty with every stitch. I think I´m about half way done by now.

More of Red Poppy

I finished Red Poppy´s face this weekend and I just wanted to share a picture with you. I think she´s gorgeous!

QS Red Poppy – 3 pages done

Last night I finished the 3rd page of Red Poppy. I was working on the poppy in her hair and it turned out so pretty. Now I´m working on her face again and I´m already down to her nose. I just LOVE working on her and I wish I had more hours in the day to do so. And here is a picture!

Stitched on 28ct evenweave 1 over 1

December stitching

I have been very busy stitching in December.  First of all I was determined to finish all the little ornaments to hang on the O´holy night calendar. My daughter really kept me going and there was no mercy there. I´m happy to say I finished the last one on the 19th. Did I do a happy dance? Yes I did!!!

While I was stitching the little ornaments my fingers were itching for Red Poppy and I couldn´t get her out of my head. So of course she is what I´m working on right now. She´s got both her eyes now and I was up until 4 am just to finish her second eye. There was just no way of going to bed until I had finished it.

And I have a new start. I haven´t done very much but this is a Lizzie Kate desing so it will be a fun and quick one. It´s called Be Golly Be Jolly and I have started on the reindeer.

QS Red Poppy

August 6th I started a new HAED – QS Red Poppy. I really love working on her and have hardly touched anything else since then. Now she´s finally got an eye so I think it´s time to post a picture of her.

QS Red Poppy – HAED – stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct

After the first weekend – just couldn´t put it down

Since September is almost over I think it´s time to pick up the O´holy night calendar again. I promised my daugher to have it finished before December 1st.

And speaking of my daughter. It´s her birthday today and she just turned 9 years old. This picture was taken very early this morning when she was opening her birthday present. She really loves Littlest Petshop so of course that is what she got – and lot of it.