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Romeo and Juliet FINISHED!

Romeo and Juliet is finally finished! I´m so happy 😀
This is my first HAED start and my fourth finish.

Romeo and Juliet finishedRomeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
78750 stitches done – finished

And here is a close up of their beautiful faces :

Romeo an dJuliet upclose


Romeo and Juliet – the last WIP

This is the last WIP photo I will share of Romeo and Juliet. Next time it will be finished 🙂
One tiny stitch has already reached the last row. Less than 10000 stitches left 🙂

 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
69300 stitches done

R & J

I have been working on Romeo and Juliet but I´m getting a little bored. So I´m going to take a little break from it and work on something else for a few days.
Here is an update 🙂

 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
63200 stitches done

Romeo and Juliet and new starts

So hello there 🙂 I hope you haven´t forgotten about me.

I finally finished those 2 pages of Romeo and Juliet, I was working on the last time I posted. Now I have only 2 whole pages and 2 partial pages left.

 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
57400 stitches done

I have 2 new HAED starts which I wanna show you. I decided to try out tent stitching (half cross stitch) and see if I´ll manage to complete my HAED projects faster. And I have to admit it is a lot faster. I´m still not sure if I like the look of the stitches but I want to finish those two and see how they look completed.

Here is the one I started in May.

 Early Visit
Early Visit by Rachael Tallamy
4200 stitches done

And here is the one I started in April.

 QS Rosita
QS Rosita by Hannah Lynn
300 stitches done

In May, I went to Minneapolis MN, with my daughter. She was participating in a dance competition and did extremely well. Of course I went to both JoAnn and Michaels, and bought DMC threads for 4 new HAED´s 🙂 Below is a picture of my purchase… well… a part of it 🙂


And I totally forgot to tell you I will be attending HAEDCon 2017 in Seaside, OR in October. I´m so excited to meet all the other HAED´s addicts 🙂

Romeo and Juliet

After being neglected for 4 whole years I picked it back up. I´m really enjoying stitching this one after such a long time. And this time I won´t put it down until it´s finished.

Romeo and Juliet HAEDS
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
50200 stitches done

Romeo and Juliet – page 6 done

YAY! I did it! I finished my HAED goal for 2012. I just have to say I´m pretty proud of myself right now, I really wasn’t  sure if I was able to make it 🙂

Here are 6 completed pages of Romeo and Juliet. Only 4 more full pages and 2 partials to go.

Romeo and Juliet - 6 pages done
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher

Romeo and Juliet – 5 pages done

I finally did it! It took me a long time but I finally finished page 5 of Romeo and Juliet! I really love all the tiny little details in Juliet´s dress.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
Stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct 

Now I better get back to it, I still have one more page to do to complete my HAED goals for 2012 😀

And here comes Juliet

Page 4 of R&J is finally finished! It took me almost a month to complete and I thought for a while I would never made it! The endless confetti was making me crazy but now when I look at it it was all worth it.

Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher HAED
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
Stitched 1 over 1 on 28ct

Now I can´t make up my mind whether to start a new HAED project or keep going with this one. I feel I need a break from it but really don´t want to put it down! How is that possible ! 🙂

But first I´m going away for the weekend with 2 of my best friends. Whole weekend ahead of stitching and chilling 🙂

Here comes Romeo

After a very long break from Romeo and Juliet I decided it was time to pick it up again and finish another page. Few times though I was about to give up because the confetti was never ending. But then his face began to appear and I just could not put it down.

Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
Romeo and Juliet by Sara Butcher
Stitched 1 over 1 on 28ct – 3 pages done

Finally 2 pages finished on R&J

I finally managed to finish 2 pages of Romeo and Juliet. As you can see Romeo´s wing is coming along very well and I´m so close to starting on his head. I´m getting really excited about that!

Last weekend I participated in July-Stitch-A-Long on Facebook and managed to finish the wing on November Topaz Fairy. The picture doesn´t do it justice at all. Still all the back stitch is left and will be done later.

Hearts, wing and sheeps

I want to show you the progress of my HAED Romeo and Juliet. I´m almost done with 2 pages and this is getting more and more fun to stitch even though it´s going very slowly. As you can see the hearts are done and Romeo´s wing is coming along great. Can´t wait to start on his head.

Stitched one over one on 28 ct evenweave
12.000 stitches done

I have also been stitching Counting House by Little House Needlework. I´m more than half way done so I should be able to show you a finished piece soon. I translated one..two to Icelandic ein..tvær. Please notice the little owl in the tree. I think she is so cute.

Counting House by Little House Neddlework
Stitched on 32 ct Belfast Linen

Happy dance and more

I finished my Needlework Shop last night. I decided to finish it before starting on something else since I had so little left. I´m really happy with how it turned out.

Needlework Shop by Country Cottage Needleworks
Stitched on 32ct Natural Belfast Linen with DMC

I have been working on The Peacock Stitching Chair by The Cat Whiskers. The plan was to finish it last week and put it together last weekend at Linda´s house. She was holding a finishing camp at her house where the ladies in our stitching group Allt í Kross could come over and get some help making something out of stitched things. Unfortunatelly I wasn´t able to finish all the parts and the chair is still not ready. I´m not ready to put it away though and will try to work on it this weekend. Here are the parts I´ve already done.

The last picture is of my progress of Romeo and Juliet by HAED. I haven´t been stitching it a lot lately but over 6000 stitches are already done.

Weekend away

This weekend I left the city with few other stitching mad ladies from my stitching club. We went to a cabin in Húsafell where we had a lot of fun, ate good food, laughed a lot and did a lot of stitching.

I had already started Romeo and Juliet by HAED and this is where I was at the beginning of the weekend.

And this is where I was at the end of the weekend.

I also did some stitching on The Needlwork Shop by CCN. Here you can see me working on it.