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Lot of updates :)

It´s been a while since my last blog although I have been busy stitching 🙂

First of all let me tell you that I came in third place at HAED Bulletin Board 2012 goals challenge, YAY! so I got to choose 1 large and 2 small charts.  These are the ones I chose: Summer Lullaby by Jennifer Nilsson, Mini Hammock White Tiger by Kayomi Harai and QS Alexandra by Hannah Lynn.

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So what have I been up to since my last blog! I took a little break from HAED projects. Instead I pulled out an old WIP I last worked on in 2007, the Snowman Tree. I added 3 more snowmen….

Snowman Tree 6 out of 10

…..and then 2 more 🙂

Snowman Tree - 8 out of 10
Only 2 more to go to finish this one 🙂

I started a new Soda Pattern piece, You over Flower. It displays a boy and a girl and I finished the boy´s face.

You over Flower by Soda PatternsYou over flower by Soda Pattern

And finally I can share with you the Round Robin pieces I stitched for Tami and Jessica as they have both been sent home 🙂

This one was for Tami and finished in August 2011. Her theme was Angels.

Grace by Just Nan
Grace by Just Nan

And this is the piece I stitched for Jessica. Her theme was snowmen.

Snowman - Stoney Creek
Snowman stitched from Stoney Creek booklet

I am back to stitching HAED Mini Myra and I do have an update but I will share in another post 🙂

Sveina´s Round Robin

I finished Sveina´s Round Robin in the end of July and gave it to her in mid August. She was thrilled with it and I think it looks amazing! Her theme was Scarecrows and I stitched her this cute scarecrow girl 🙂

Scarecrow for Sveina

And here is Sveina´s completed Round Robin.

Sveina´s Round Robin

I also finished Tami´s Round Robin and sent it off to Jessica. I will post a picture as soon as it gets back home to Tami.

My Round Robin has returned home

I totally forgot to post pictures of my own Round Robin which returned home in late June. It only has 4 parts stitched out of 6 but 2 of my friends have asked me if they can finish it for me. So Yay!

My Round Robin
My almost finished Round Robin – Theme is Cute Christmas
The one in upper right corner was stitched by me and finished in October 2009

Teddy-bear made by Cindy
This cute teddy-bear with all the snowmen around him was
stitched for me by Cindy in UK and finished in November 2009.

Somebunny made by Sveina
This amazingly cute and cuddly Somebunny to Love was
stitched for me by Sveina in Iceland and finished in March 2010 

Forever Friends made by Ruwani
These super cute Forever Friends were stitched 
for me by Ruwani in Australia and finished in April 2011

I am so really happy with my Round Robin and I think it looks amazing. Thank you so much girls for all your hard work!

Cindy´s Round Robin

I heard from Cindy that she got her Round Robin back yesterday.  Her theme was Cute Christmas and yeah she totally loved it!

So I´m ready to post pictures of the 2 parts I stitched for her. First I stitched a Lickle Ted pattern from The World of Cross Stitching magazine. I think he turned out pretty cute 🙂

My first piece on Cindy´s RR

Then for the second part I chose this Somebunny to Love pattern also from The World of Cross Stitching. I think those 2 fellows turned out pretty cute too 🙂

My second piece on Cindy´s RR

And here is Cindy´s completed Round Robin, stitched by Cindy herself, Ruwani, Kathryn, Sveina and me. I think it looks amazing!

Cindy´s RR completed and going home

This and that

Like usual I have been stitching like crazy 😀 Sorry for the lack of blogging though!

Like I told you in my last blog entry I went to a cabin in the country side with my 2 best friends for a weekend of stitching. I love those weekends and of course we had the best time together. I worked on the 2 pieces below but didn´t finish them until now. Both pieces are also a part of my Crazy January Challenge so now I have 4 out of 15 finished.

Making Friends by Just Nan
Making Friends by Just Nan
Stitched on 32 ct Linen

FaLaLa Ornament by LHN
FaLaLa – Ornament by Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 32 ct Linen

Last night I finished this baby card for a friend of mine.

Baby Card
Stitched on 14 ct Aida
Card from Craftcreations 

I have been working on Cindy´s RR and got her permission to do 2 parts instead of 1 and therefore complete her RR. I have already finished one  part and will start the other one next week. Of course everything has to remain secret until the RR is back in the hands of it´s owner so no pictures just yet!
I also started 2 new HAED projects! Yeah I know I´m crazy! LOL! I´m not ready to post a picture just yet, I want to finish a little more before I do.

More of Round Robins and ATC´s

Ru´s Round Robin took a month to get here from Australia and we were getting a bit worried it had gotten lost when it finally showed up. Her theme is Precious Moments girls as she wants it to go into her daughters room when finished. I choose to stitch her Some day my prince will come and I think it came out really well.

And here is Ru´s Round Robin before I sent it to Jessica.

I took part  in June´s exchange on the ATC group on Facebook and decided to do both themes this time.

Theme 1 was Letter N which I sent to Laura Borst in Scotland.

Theme 2 was Fifa which I sent to Christopher Colin in Australia.

Ruwani´s RR and a new RR start for me

I admit I´ve been a lazy blogger lately but I have been stitching a lot though.  Mostly I have been working on Round Robins and  I finished Ruwani´s RR in the end of January. Her theme is Cute Christmas and this is what I stitched for her.

Country Companions from The World of Cross Stitching

And here is how her RR looked before I posted it to Cindy.

I decided to take part in another Round Robin with 3 other ladies I met on Facebook and I´m really excited about this one. They are Jessica and Tami from USA and Ruwani from Australia. I had no idea what to pick for my theme but after going through all my patterns and magazines I decided on Friends.

I prepeared my fabric in January and I´m using white 28ct Jobelan.

This is the pattern I chose.  I just thought it would be perfect for my theme.

Precious Moments – In it together

I will be posting it to Jessica tomorrow.

I´ve been working a little on Be Jolly Be Golly by Lizzie Kate. I haven´t done a lot but this is how it looks today.

This weekend I have been working on HAED Red Poppy. I haven´t worked on it for a long time and I really missed it. I´m not ready to post a picture yet but I will be soon. Just need to finish about a 1000 stitches 🙂

Kathryn´s Round Robin

I finally finished Kathryn´s Round Robin and I have to say I´m pretty happy with how it turned out. Her theme is Country Companions and I decided to stitched the whole gang for her. It was a lot of work but I just know she will love it!

And this is how Kathryn´s RR looked today before I sent it away to Cindy. The pictures are a bit dark since we have almost no daylight over here in Iceland at this time of year.

My first Round Robin

I joined a group on Facebook called World Wide Round Robin and decided to do my first one. We are 6 in my group and will each stitch a picture on each others RR. We are 2 from Iceland, me and Sveina who is in my Icelandic stitching group Allt í kross, Kathryn and Cindy are from UK, June is from Scotland and Ruwani is from Australia. So my RR will travel half way around the world.
The first picture is stitched by it´s owner and here is a picture of mine. My theme is Cute Christmas.

Country Companions pattern from WOCS
stithed on 32 ct Belfast Linen Vintage blue

And here is a picture of my fabric. I stitched my picture on the top middle square. When it will return home to me every square will be stitched by these wonderful ladies. Can´t wait to see it finished.