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Two finishes

I have two finishes to show you and little gift I got from my secret Santa at work.

First of all I finished another Magic Doll design. I really love this cute dolls. I have to say though that the back stitch is a bit crazy and seem to take forever. But the outcome is all worth it.

 Poppy - Magic Dolls
Poppy – Magic Dolls
Stitched on 32 ct linen from my stash

And here she is without the back stitch. The back stitch really completes the piece.

Poppy- without backstich
I have another small finish. It´s Soda pattern piece I started a long time ago and I have been picking it up every now and then. It´s a set of 8 small houses and I finally finished the second house.

Bakery - Village in Fairytaile
Bakery – Village in Fairy Tale by Soda Pattern
Stitched on 32 ct linen

We had a Secret Santa game at work and I got the best Secret Santa ever 🙂 My Secret Santa stitched me an amazing gift and I totally love it!

I cross stitch...

Photo heavy post :)

I know this post is long overdue 🙂

I am now working on Mini Myra again after 7 months pause. I just finished the background on her left and have now started stitching her arm

Mini Myra wip
Mini Myra by Hannah Lynn – wip

In March I went to London to meet my Facebook friends Jessica and Tami from USA. Together we went to a stitching show in Olympia and of course we also did some sight-seeing.

Me, Jessica an Tami

I did some shopping at the stitching show. I bought Michael Powell´s Place de Marché.

MP - Place de Marché
Place de Marché by Michael Powell

I already started it and I absolutely love it!

MP wip 1
Place de Marché – wip
Stitched on 28 ct white linen

I recently finished a Soda Stitch piece called Tale of love in the grove.

Tale of love in the grove by Soda Stitch
Stitched on 32 ct linen

Below are some WIP´s since we all love those 🙂

parið wip3parið wip2
parið wip1

And at last here is a Soda Stitch piece I finished a long time ago but always forgot to post in here. It´s called Lover of Spring light.

Lover of spring light
Lover of Spring light by Soda Stitch
Stitched on 32 ct Sky Blue Linen

New starts and one more snowman

I have a couple of new starts. First one is a new Soda pattern and I have already finished stitching the girl.

New Soda pattern start

Second one is this cute owl piece I found free online.

Owls in a tree
Freebie can be found here

And I finished one more snowman in my Snowman Tree. Now there is only one left which I plan to finish soon 🙂

Snowman Tree 9 out of 10

You over Flower – Finished

I finally finished You over Flower. Don´t they look adorable! 🙂

You over Flower by Soda Pattern - Finished May 19, 2013
You over Flower by Soda Pattern
Stitched on 32 ct sky blue linen

And here are a couple of WIP pictures 🙂

You over Flower WIP - May 19, 2013

You over Flower WIP - May 9, 2013

You over flower update

Here is a little update of You over Flower by Soda Patterns. I have finished the boy, the cute little kitten and the bike. Now I will work on the girl 🙂

You over Flower by Soda Patterns

Lot of updates :)

It´s been a while since my last blog although I have been busy stitching 🙂

First of all let me tell you that I came in third place at HAED Bulletin Board 2012 goals challenge, YAY! so I got to choose 1 large and 2 small charts.  These are the ones I chose: Summer Lullaby by Jennifer Nilsson, Mini Hammock White Tiger by Kayomi Harai and QS Alexandra by Hannah Lynn.

a405e86141b3b1a9c1c756538e5b4c42.image.315x400  ba68786ebb87bfe352252be1b8eefcfc.image.400x291  3734aee30fbdbc0f2ea035e9d569ef15.image.400x287

So what have I been up to since my last blog! I took a little break from HAED projects. Instead I pulled out an old WIP I last worked on in 2007, the Snowman Tree. I added 3 more snowmen….

Snowman Tree 6 out of 10

…..and then 2 more 🙂

Snowman Tree - 8 out of 10
Only 2 more to go to finish this one 🙂

I started a new Soda Pattern piece, You over Flower. It displays a boy and a girl and I finished the boy´s face.

You over Flower by Soda PatternsYou over flower by Soda Pattern

And finally I can share with you the Round Robin pieces I stitched for Tami and Jessica as they have both been sent home 🙂

This one was for Tami and finished in August 2011. Her theme was Angels.

Grace by Just Nan
Grace by Just Nan

And this is the piece I stitched for Jessica. Her theme was snowmen.

Snowman - Stoney Creek
Snowman stitched from Stoney Creek booklet

I am back to stitching HAED Mini Myra and I do have an update but I will share in another post 🙂

QS Red Poppy – Finished

I went to a summer cabin in Úthlíð this weekend with my 2 friends Hafrún and Sveina. My main goal for the weekend was to finish QS Red Poppy. Before the clock hit 3 on Saturday afternoon I did my happy-dance! She looks just gorgeous and I really loved working on her!

QS Red Poppy - Finished
QS Red Poppy by Ching-Chou Kuik
Stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct with DMC
Total of 44.100 stitches

My weekend was very productive. I had another finish and the first one for Crazy January Challenge 2011. I left out the text that´s supposed to be under the house while I decide whether to stitch the English version or translate it to Icelandic.

Sweet House - Village in Fairytale
Sweet House – Village in Fairy Tale by Soda pattern
Stitched on 32ct

Petite House finished

My first finish of the year is Petite House. I thought it would take me longer to finish it but it only took 2 days. Guess I didn´t have that much left 🙂

Petite House by Soda Pattern
Petite House by Soda Patterns
Stitched on 32ct Cream Linen with DMC

Now the plan is to finish QS Red Poppy. She´s screaming for my attention!
Think I will also be working on one of the 2011 project as well…just haven´t decide which one yet.

Day 9 – The Village in Fairy Tale

I was working today and on Sundays I´m allowed to take my stitching with me. Of course I did! This pattern includes 8 tiny houses and shops and I started the first one. It´s called Sweet Home.

Sweet House by Soda pattern
The Village in Fairy Tale ¨Sweet Home¨ by Soda Pattern
Stitched on 32ct Linen with DMC

Moon of your own and LHN ornament

I finished Moon of your own last week and here is finally a picture of her. She was an absolute joy to stitch and I can´t stop admiring her.

Moon of your own
Moon of your own stitched on 32 ct linen

I have another finish to show you. It´s an ornament by Little House Needleworks. It´s still missing a red cardinal button which I have to get later and then put together as a little pillow.

Winter Sheep by LHN
Winter Sheep by Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 36ct Linen Dirty with DMC threads

Stitchy weekend away and more

I spent last weekend in a summer cabin in Úthlíð with 2 of my stitchy friends Hafrún and Sveina. We really had a great time, we stitched a lot, laughed a lot, ate good food and relaxed in the hot tub with a glass or two of white wine. Here we are really focusing on our stitching.
Stitching together Hafrún, Sveina and Erla

I started something new in the cabin. It´s called Moon of your own and I´m going to make a pillow out of it for my daughter. I finished the girl´s head and the stars around her in the cabin but this is what she looks like now.
Moon of your own
In the end this will be a picture of a girl sitting on a moon. It´s so colorful and pretty.

Before our trip to the cabin I had been working on few things. I started this piece Petite House. I´m half way done and just need to finish the first floor.
Petit House - Status October 5th 2010

I´ve also made some progress on SK Sunny by HAED. I really needed to put her down for a while since the flower in her hat is a total B***H to stitch. LOL!
SK Sunny by HAED

I was working on a mermaid piece in 2008. All of a sudden I had the urge to pick it up again. This is how she looked when I put her down in 2008.
Hafmeyja í vinnslu

And this is how she looks today. As you can see there is a baby appearing in her arms.
I have now put her down again.