HAEDCon 2017

Last weekend was HAEDcon 2017 and I was so lucky to be able to go 🙂 It was so amazing!!! HAEDCon was held in Seaside OR, which is a cozy little town by the ocean.

I had a direct 8 hour flight from KEF airport to Portland OR airport. I started my journey by having a cocktail at the airport 🙂

 Kef airport cocktail

I landed in Portland around 6 pm local time. The drive to Seaside takes 2 hours. I didn´t want to drive to Seaside in the dark so I stayed in Portland for the night and drove to Seaside early in the morning.

I was in Seaside around 11 am. HAEDCon didn´t start until 1 pm so I decided to walk around. The weather was amazing and the sun was shining.

 Seaside OR

Seaside view

At 1 pm it was time to attend HAEDCon 2017. The convention center was very close to my hotel so it was just a short walk away.

 HAEDCon 2017

I got to meet my favorite artist Hannah Lynn.

 Hannah Lynn and me

And Aimee Stewart.

Aimee Stewart and me

And here are all of the artist. From left to right Jena DellaGrottaglia, Aimee Stewart, Hannah Lynn, Jeff Haynie, Rob Carlos and his wife Jean.

 Artists at HAEDCon 2017

HAEDCon was all about stitching, getting to know each other, chatting, admiring each others projects, giveaways… It was just amazing!

HAEDCon 2017

I met couple more HAEDCon attendees at the airport on my way back home 🙂
Here are Kathy, me, Andrea and Debbie.

 At Portland airport

I bought a lot of beauties at HAEDCon and I will show you in my next blog post.

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  1. Sveina on

    This sounds so much fun! ❤️

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